The Faith Cycle

The faith cycle is the continuous flow of the word from the point in which it is received, to the point in which it is believed, seen, declared, acted on, and finally manifested.

The faith cycle is the movement of the word from conception (when the word is received or conceived) to gestation (to when the word grows and prevails) and finally to parturition (when the word produces tangible results).

Faith begins with the word and ends with the word; there are therefore 6 stages in the faith cycle:

  1. The word is received (knowledge)
  2. The word is believed (to accept as true) 
  3. The word is seen (vision) 
  4. The word is declared (confession)
  5. The word is acted on (action)
  6. The word is manifested (performance) 

Stage I – The word is received (Knowledge)

Faith begins with the reception of the word of God. To receive the word is to welcome the word, accept the word, give a listening ear, etc. Faith can never be built in a man if the word is rejected at first sight (Matt.10.14, Matt 10.40, and John.12.48).

The receiver does not necessarily believe what is been said, but the receiver has to show interest first – for instance, have you gone to preach and met individuals who were not willing to listen to you, but suddenly one of them says let’s just hear what he has to say. 

They first receive the word by listening to you but will confirm or accept if what you have said is true (Acts.17.11). The word must be received, welcomed, or accepted first before it can be believed (1Thes.2.13)

But how we receive it also determines if it is going to yield the fruit of faith in our lives (Luke.8.12-15)

Stage 2 – The word is believed (to accept as true)

To believe means to accept it as true. When you accept the word as true, you have taken the next step in the faith cycle.

The word is believed from the heart (Roms.10.10a) and this is a necessary condition of faith. The heart is the womb from which faith is conceived, there can be no faith without a heart that believes. (Mark.11.23b)

We receive what we desire at the point of believing and not at the point of declaration (Mark 11.24). What is manifested today was believed yesterday. If you didn’t believe at the point of asking, do not expect to see the manifestation (Matt.7.7)

Stage 3 – The word is seen (vision) 

You cannot see what you don’t believe. To see means to have a picture of what you desire-this picture comes from the word of God.

The word of God gives you a picture of your future – which is a brighter future because the word of God says so (Prov.4.18)

And if you keep looking steadily into God’s perfect law- the law that set’s you free and does what it says not forgetting what you heard (and saw), then God will bless you for doing it (James.1.25).

As we continue to behold (the word of God) as in a mirror, the glory of God, we are constantly being transfigured to become what we see- His very image (2Cor.3.18)

The question now is what do you see? What you see is determined by what you feed your eyes with?

When you feed your eyes with the word of God, all you will is God’s plan for you – which are to give you a future and a hope (Jer.29.11)

Stage 4 – The Word is declared (Confession)

When you see it, you say it; it’s difficult to say it if you have not seen it. And it is easier to say it when you see it.

Your liberty is dependent on your declaration- You have to say it to be set free (Roms.10.10, Roms.10.13)

The declaration is of the mouth not of the heart; faith is a speaking force that begins from the heart, but until it is spoken it will have no effect. (Romans.10.10)

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed and you say to a mountain be moved from here to there and it will move (Matt.17.20b NLT)

But if you have a faith that is bigger than the biggest mountain, and you say nothing even the smallest mountain will not be moved.

Stage 5 – The word is acted on (Action)

If you do (act on) what the word says and didn’t forget what you heard (and saw), then God will bless you for doing it (James.1.25b)

If you declare what you have seen, you must act like what you have declared. For instance, if you say I am healed, you have to act like one who is healed.

Don’t also forget that faith without works is dead (James.2.17). But what is this work? It is the action that follows your declaration, i.e. acting in tandem with your declaration.

Doing what the word says is faith work (action); obeying God’s instruction in every area of our lives is also faith work (action).

Stage 6 – The word is manifested (Performance)

When you receive the word, believe it, see it, declare it, act on it, then it will produce the desired result i.e. there will a performance of the word (Luke.1.45b)

Mary received the word, she believed it, she saw it, she declared it and acted on it and there was a performance of all that she was told (Luke.1.38, 46-56)

The centurion believed the word and had already seen his son healed. He only needed Jesus to speak the word (Matt.8.8).

Jesus spoke the word, and asked him to go home- he acted on the word by going home. And what he believed manifested; his son was healed that same hour (Matt.8.13).

When the word of God is performed in our lives it triggers a higher level of faith and the faith cycle continues.

Hope you were blessed?

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